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Hunan Liangang Fasteners has been engaging in rivet nut production for 20 years, the company has a sound after-sales technical service system, its strict after-sales service regulation and strong technical force can satisfy all your requirements on product technology and service, it has established a strong nationwide sales network to provide you with not only advanced design, quality product and favorable price but also excellent technical support and after-sales services, we will keep working for your complete satisfaction.

Pre-sales Service

1. During product selection period, we will provide professional technical design and services to solve your worries of being unfamiliar with rivet nut and its installation technology, we can provide you with product catalog、drawing、material report、testing report and other related technical documents at any time.

2. The company has strict contract-auditing regulations, we promise to arrange production and shipment according to contract and ensure on-time delivery.

After-sale Service

1. If any manufacturing quality problem occurs within the warranty period, we will be responsible for product maintenance, returning or changing; for other quality issues, we will actively assist in solving the problem to ensure product’s normal use and to reduce the cost to the minimum degree.

2. If the buyer wants to change qualified product sold within one year, we will actively collaborate and charge a reasonable fee based on goods value.

3. If required, we will provide relevant technical training of installation and use for free.

4. We promise to give higher attention to any key product order by assigning our assistant sales manager to conduct all the following and supervision works.

5. We will conduct periodic questionnaire survey to know the use of product at our customers' site

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